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♥ I'm a lover ♥ I'm a fighter ♥ If I wanted your opinion I would ask for it♥ I love to debate ♥ I love making scenes ♥ I've caused a lot of fights because of my big mouth ♥ Sometimes I say things just to get a rise out of people ♥ I have ambitions ♥ I have goals ♥ I am a procrastinator ♥ I color coordinate my closet ♥ I hate the dark ♥ I love to sing ♥ I always look up when people tell me that gullable is written on the ceiling♥ I love playing in the mud ♥ I have remotes to things that are three feet away ♥ ...I'm lazy like that ♥ I'm a hypochondriac ♥ I have dreams ♥ I wonder when they will come true ♥ My family is my life ♥ I come from an interesting family ♥ My mom's awesome ♥ My Dad's pretty cool also, I don't choose sides, no matter what the other thinks♥ My older brother never calls me, my older sister lives in Orlando and my step-brother sucks ♥ I like arguments ♥ I like being right ♥ I am always right even when I"m wrong ♥ I know how to apologize ♥ I have this thing with shopping♥ I can say 500 words and not really say anything at all ♥ I get bored a lot ♥ I spend a lot of time by myself ♥ I let people walk all over me ♥ I'm always myself ♥ I dance in my car and laugh when people watch me ♥ I hate folding clothes ♥ I live day by day ♥ I seem to put one red sock in with my whites while doing laundry quite often ♥ I have a lot of pink shirts ♥ I'm obsessed with writing anything and everything on my calendar ♥ I'm always late for school ♥ I can pump gas ♥ I always act like I know what I am talking about even when I don't ♥ I'm scared to grow up ♥ I reiterate myself a lot ♥ I tend to tell it how it is ♥ I hate it when people tell me how it is ♥ I hate it when I can't think of anything to say ♥ I'm out of things to say.....

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