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The bare truth, I am causation who prefers a nice tan color then pure white , thank god I'm a few shades darker then pure white! I have blonde hair and brown eyes, my physical body is almost naturally hairless, so I guess that's why I am soft and smooth, just so cuddly. Oh I shave it bald, I prefer smooth girls and I practice what I preach, actually I feel better and like the way it looks rather then a sparse wooded forest, so who wants to look like a Neanderthal who's shading?  I believe I have a average body and exercise in some form everyday so its maintained. I am six feet long, no I mean tall, but since I am on that subject, yes I believe it is a bit above average, you tell me? Yes its unmolested or butchered and or religiously crucified, meaning its uncut. Aside from a high sexuality, I am a true romantic, which is the reason I never been intimate unless I feel something, so I tend to fall in love rather quickly. Travel back and forth between Europe and America and to say it in plain words, a big kid who enjoys life because I always intend to have fun each day and night, for the most part do exactly that, there are those off days or nights where it wasn't as fun as it could have been if? Depending on the remaining questions which I have no idea what so ever yet, so if there is more you wish to know? Hay just ask, honest and loyal has plagued me my entire life, actually sucks when your honest in a room full of bull shit, but its me and I don't think I could change if I wanted, I just don’t believe everything I hear anymore, well for some time now. I am super kind and do not yell at all, I am thoughtful and generous. Ok so a bit weird, but that’s me, but I am loving, passionate and sensual and topped of with being oversexed I can easily fulfilled in all aspects physically and emotionally.     


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