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I'm just a funny guy. Picky though....
United States
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Hey! My name is Jon. I am a senior at WMU, and honestly, I'm still not 100% sure why I'm on this site, or if I even want to be.

When I graduate from WMU, I'm going to be heading out to face the world. So I'm really not looking for anything serious. Just want to meet people, have fun, and be able to leave Kalamazoo in a year with no regrets.

I love 1on1 time. I'm way more comfortable in a small group than a large one. I also enjoy sitting back and enjoying life. I'm a really relaxed guy I guess. I also have been told I can be pretty funny.

Feel free to message me! I'm pretty picky, but if I'm interested, good luck getting me to shut up! lol


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