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Searching for my best friend...
United States
Looking For:
I am just a little curious about this.
I am single and am just searching for a friend.Who does,have her head on her shoulders.
If the magic is there,I'm all about cultivating and nurturing it to fruition.
I run.One hour.Every, Monday,Wednesday and Friday.So I'm probably in better shape then most.
I am new to this on line dating thing and don't know what the protocol is.
If you're interested?Please send me a pic.
I am first generation French (pop was from France)
and Italian (mom was from Italy) of my family.Here in the states.
Not a Holy Roller, but am interested in a closer walk with Christ.I am learning a theology class from Yale University.With professor Dale Martin.It has 28 classes and I've experienced 21 so far.I'll be finished soon.If you're interested in taking the class online. Holla, and I'll turn you on to it.I pray that everyone finds what they're searching for on this site.God,bless,Chow.Stef

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