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I suppose I'm a nice guy, although I don't really know what I want to do with my life right now.  I'm thinking of when I get into shape sometime at the end of this year or less, and I will be updating my profile image as I make progress on that. also I will take up acting to become a movie star, since I kind of have that face, and I understand how to act~ or at least end up in some TV shows or commercials like my brother was, also considering writing books~ I've written the first couple chapters to a book but then had writers block. -.-
I in general believe in astrology signs, it's always been pretty accurate for me, I'm a virgo by the way.

I enjoy graphic design, game design, special effects, and music.  I never bothered learning how to edit music, but I do know a little about how to play a keyboard, I also have a violin which I never learned to play.

This site seems very cheap and excessively perverse, but in all honesty it's better than paying $40 for a waste of time mainstream dating site, so I really, don't care anymore as it is obvious that I will never find someone online, and exspecially in a piece of crap site like this.

I kind of lost my train of thought, so I'll just start answering random info questions online~

My closest friends would probably describe me as a nice and and easygoing guy.

What I'm grateful for- My good health, my currently good life, my cat.

What type of person I am hoping to attract? ~ I suppose a kind and caring one, not some sex-addict or a psycho.  Preferably someone with similar interests to me.

What am I looking for in a relationship~  Someone to stand by me if times get tough, someone whom could forgive me if I do something stupid, someone whom loves me for who I am- not just by my looks, and supports me in whatever I do.

Things I am most passionate about?
I don't really know, I suppose my future.

Also sorry if I didn't add any important stuff, just ask me things.



By the way if I insulted you in some way, well, chances are you probably deserved it.


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