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Bored, lonely, Horny.
United States
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Man, Woman

22 years young. Rain. Trees. Birds. Books. Art Journaling. Women.Men. People. Humans. Candles. Feathers. Chopsticks. Movies. Tattoos. Coffee. Tea. Painting. Pens. Doctor Who. David Tennant. Music. Violins and Cellos. Sleeping. Necklaces. Rings. Bracelets. The Weepies. Dogs. Wolves. Biology. Drawing. Paramore. 日本. 日本語. Cuddling. Autumn. Traveling. Late night adventures. Video Games. Grey's Anatomy. Ellie Goulding. Olivia Wilde. Alexis Bledel. The Time Traveler's Wife. Cigarettes. Blue. Green. Rivers. Forests. Dreams. Wide blue skies. Clouds. Owls. Crows. Kissing. Writing. Literature. Vintage. Antiques. Photographs. Naps in the Winter. Pizza. Longboards. Quotes. Cosmotology. Anthropology. Human and animal sociology and psychology. Women and Gay and human rights. Equality for all.


I recently went througg a breakup that was heartwrenching and uncomfortable. It ended bitterly and I'm just looking for comfort. I'm really lonely and horny a good majority of my time and cannot sleep very well because of that. :'( and just want someone to cuddle and laugh and be happy with. I'm interested in open dating so please don't message me if you're only looking for a serious commited relationship.

I'm looking for anyone around the age range of 21-30


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