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One night of pure intimacy!
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As the title states this is for a night of pure intimacy, see im a guy in the minority when it comes to thos but I absolutely love to make a woman feel like a queen in bed give her the warm feeling with every touch kiss thrust and explosion, im a guy who will spend hours if I had to eating u out until your tingling all over your body massage ur whole body after that whole release so that ur completely relaxed and then make love to u over and over im the kind of guy who will cum in ur mouth and not care that u have cum on ur tongue ill still kiss u sensually, ill eat ur pussy again after I had alreay came in it, that is if u were to have me cum inside u, im not the wham bam thank u ma'am guy I wanna have a nice long intimate moment, to me that's the fantasy if u were to have friend who would also wanna explore that im one of the only guys I know whom can actually handle two or even 3 I just love to make my woman feel like there is nothing better in the world, the hard part is finding a woman who truly wants that whom can handle a guy in that way, im hoping I am able to find that here I dont care of size thicker is sexier in my book eyes are my weakness, any race is welcome I am a 30 yr old white male broad build 6'7 and I am real this morning was fairly chilly for this time of year and today is the 13th anniversary of 9/11

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