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You might think that I couldn't possibly comment
United Kingdom
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Hi there and welcome. So, you're on here hoping to find a tall, fit, intelligent man with wealth, looks and ambition to take you to every country you desire. Forget it! What you have here is something real instead, enjoy.

First the short version:

I'm reasonably bright, funny and come with a great bum. Surely that's tempting enough.

For those not sure here's the long version:

I'm a physics researcher, however I won't bore you with work, except to say that I get to destroy sapphires, handle lasers and generally play around with things that I don't understand. The perks of the job is I have now published papers and get to go to a few fancy conferences as my pics show. It doesn't mean I have to date a girl geek though I do like to leave the lab behind on an evening and know how to play. Ok so yes my main asset is my brain not my biceps (or at least something in my head, i'll let you decide for yourselves) but imagination has its uses does it not. My two great loves in life though are tennis and history, when im not working thats probably what i'm doing. And what am I looking for? I'm not too fussed anymore in content to scout and explore as long as the journey is fun. To sum me up then I'm just like a true Plantagenet in nature, so that should give you a good insight as to what I'm like. I enjoy power and passion when I play. And for those asking is chivalry dead? Yes, it died August 22nd 1485.

So a few other minor yet unusual things, I hate football, once had a rabbit called dreadnought and tend to say what I think even if it gets me into trouble.

I'm currently living in York but working in Leeds and have the occasional trips to Cambridge so i'm happy to chat to anyone from those areas.

Now for a few deterrents for those I'm not looking for. Sorry but it has to be done, a necessary filter for those that are not for me.

TAKE THIS BIT IN GOOD HUMOUR! For those it doesn't apply to why take offence on behalf of someone else?

First, for all those lasses that insist a bloke be over 6'. You must be at least a D cup else i wont be interested either. This has lead to some misunderstandings in the past so just to be clear that's foot not inches. Amusing when a profile prefixes this with, i'm not shallow or heightest but.... seems a basic understanding of the definition of words is missing there. I'm 5'10 and not an inch more and not here to fit in with some superficial girls choice of heels! And all I hear back from them is, " oh but it's just what I find attractive....". I find the thought of Nigella and a family size tub of yoghurt attractive but ain't going to find it on here.

Secondly, I really don't like ink or metal. If I wanted painting and left with shrapnel inserted in me i'd go and do a tour of duty in Afghanistan. And from browsing profiles for a while on here, it doesn't make you unique, quite the opposite in fact. They are everywhere so please stop it!

Thirdly, I have nothing but contempt for die hard Germaine Greer feminist types that care about nothing but careers, so for those that fall into that bracket please go and badly park yourself on someone else's profile. Nobody can have everything in this world so do stop blaming everything on men.

Oh and please do try to see the humour in the above profile too, at the very least its better than the witless sarcastic crap on US sitcoms that everyone seems so fond of these days.

There, that made me feel better. So what do you think then, care to take a chance?


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