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"Smile, breathe and go slowly."
United States
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I live very simply. Laid back relatively shy at first, but as optimistic as one man can be. I enjoy being outdoors: whether it be hiking, backpacking, camping, rock-climbing, music festivals, snowboarding, or simply just relaxing. I love to experience new things and travel. Anything that takes some sort of creativity is usually what appeals to me: art, music, poetry, etc.  I'm interested in joining the peace corps sometime as well as becoming a park ranger in the future. I do plan on going to grad school relatively soon, possibly in sustainable development or some type of field that helps this world out a bit more for the next generation. After all, if i do have kids in the future I would like them to be able to enjoy the beauty in this world. Yes, I am a treehugger at heart. I am the type of person who goes with the flow of life, good at listening devoted to living. I love learning new things and meeting new people. Music?... anything that has talent. Can not really listen to the stuff on the radio nowadays, especially country or that rap-crap (not talking about hip hop). Just not my cup of tea. =P

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