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I am intelligent, a closet-geek of many interests. I am tall, slender and attractive, often accused of looking much younger than I am. Blessed with beautiful blue eyes and a warm smile. I'm soft spoken, the strong silent type, and easy-going, but witty and playful. One of those mysterious nice guys women say they wish to find but end up with the opposite instead. Between working and raising a child I don't have much of a social life. It would be a nice change of pace to have someone to converse and share with.

I am first and foremost a respectful man. In so, I respect all others, their thoughts, beliefs, and being; no matter their walk of life. I believe all deserve to live without judgment placed upon them, most definitely not by me. This does not mean that I do not or will not challenge such thoughts or beliefs, as I do my own; I feel it to be necessary to truly know and better oneself. I am extremely open minded, appreciating all opinions, on all matters in an attempt to experience the world through others eyes, and insight. I relentlessly hunger for knowledge; I firmly believe that I learn something new everyday, if not then I'm cheating myself. I have found many philosophies and religions fascinating, and am well versed in many, though I subscribe to none, though I am somewhat a spiritual person. In that, I believe in a common connection to all, without a need for gods. I feel it is necessary to do what is right, and treat everyone with the same kindness and respect with which I wish to be treated. Karma perhaps?

Mostly looking for friends. I recently concluded a long-term relationship, and am in no way ready for another. I do miss having someone to share experiences with, or just hanging out. I tend to keep to myself, and am typically quiet, I say what needs to be said, but do more listening. Don’t get me wrong, I can be quite talkative at times; I love a good conversation. I have a tendency to become extremely passionate on some issues. For the most part, I’m easy going, laid back and generally happy with life, sure it throws some curves, but it would be awful boring if it didn’t.


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