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Nice guy starting fresh and trying something new.
United States
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Man, Woman

I'm a 24yo guy. I'm kind hearted and patient. I love making people happy, whatever that may mean. I'm 5ft4 and about 205lbs last I knew. Thick and hung. I'm open minded but insist on nothing. I'm std free and insist on the same, and I'll wear protection either way if it gets that far. 

Basically I figure it's time for a change and netflix can't be every evening any more. I'm looking for new experiences and people. It doesn't have to be sex, don't let my pics fool you. I'd be just as happy with a couch buddy or just talking on the net sometimes, whatever you'd have in mind. 

I love classic rock mid 70's-early 90's, but every now and then I'll hear something new I like and add it to the collection. I enjoy horror movies and watch a lot of stand up comedy specials. I read from time to time and like a good game of spades. Dean Koontz is my favorite author. 

As far as for who I'm looking for, I look at personality more than anything. If you can hold your end of a conversation, you're ok in my book. I could care less about age, size, color, intelligence, etc. Just try me. 

I don't mind guys, but I wouldn't say I'm bi either. The nude male form just doesn't arouse me. I've tried that and even really wanted things to work. With the gay community in THIS town, you kidding me? I'd never go without again. But I couldn't force the attraction. That said, I have nothing against gay or bi people and would welcome male friends or couples. 

It's always hard to put yourself to a single page. I'm not practiced at it, and I'm sure I've left something out that you'd have questions about. Try me, I have an open book policy. I'll trust you til you give me reason not to. 


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