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IMAGINE THIS: both of us naked, in bed, me on top, our warm skin pressed together as i let my mouth, and hands explore your body from head to toe. starting at your ears, nibbling them and grazing my tongue along the tips and then trailing some kisses on down your neck where i gently suck and nibble. my hands gliding over your flesh, caressing and cupping your breasts firmly as i trail my kisses further down from your neck to your breasts where one at a time, i let my tongue taste you and run slow figure 8's and circles around your nipples. allowing my my teeth to nibble here and there. i trail my kisses down your body further to your navel followed by my hands gently grazing your skin as you run your hands over and around my head and shoulders. I make my way down further, kissing along the top of your thighs and then down along the inside of them while running my hands back up your body to your breasts and back down again just above your pubic area, teasing you and slowly easing my way further up along the inside of your thighs, closer to your juicy sweet center of nectar. your body writhing up and down slowly with anxiety just as i arrive to the main hot spot. there i part your lips and ease my tongue into you. slowly, taking my time to savor your taste and enjoy your every drop. my tongue makes its way up to your clit where i start out with slow teasing circles, barely touching it, making you want more of it. then i start to press my tongue to you harder and speed up my circles, which eventually become a mixed combination of circles, figure 8's, up and downs, left to rights and zigzags. you cry out and clench to my shoulders, writhing your hips up and down instinctively and breathing heavier as i devour you. to seal the deal, i close my lips around your clit, forming a seal and begin to suck your clit as i'm licking it. its almost unbearable to you and drives you over the edge. i continue licking faster, sucking you between a combination of hard and then softly. after a while you finally explode into my mouth as i hungrily try to catch every drop of you. after you've climaxed, i run my nose along your thighs and gently kiss them, making my way back up your body with a trail of sweet soft kisses, followed by my curious and wondering hands. i make my way back up to the top. sucking your nipples and gently caressing them as i make my way up further. i run my nose up along your neck with my eyes closed, taking you into my senses as i feel your squirming body underneath me still wanting more. i can feel you breathing heavily into my ear as i nuzzle into your neck, while placing my hand underneath the back of your head to cradle it and hold you closer to me as I ease myself into you. slowly, taking my time so that you feel every inch of me, going deeper, deeper..... you gasp into my ear and let out a long, low, exhalation of pure pleasure and satisfaction as you throw your arms around my neck and wrap your legs around my waist to hold me closer to you, urging me to go as deep as I can possibly go. I moan out into your neck and trail my tongue and lips on up to your ear and nibble away at it. You're biting your lips and moaning out, grinding your hips up and down to meet every hard deep stroke of mine. This moment is so overwhelming that I can't hold back anymore. I have to satisfy you to the fullest. I start stroking you harder, faster, and even deeper. The tip of me slamming hard into your g-spot and sending you over the edge into a world of ecstasy beyond your wildest dreams. I plant my arms firmly around you with my hands gripping your ass cheeks as you begin digging your nails into me and moaning out louder, breathing heavier and faster. My head pressed firmly next to yours as I moan out into your ear and alternate from that to a combination of kissing, sucking and nibbling on your neck and ear. I begin to feel your legs start to tremble, your arms tighten around me as if holding on for dear life. Your walls becoming tighter and tighter around my shaft as you start to scream out to me. You can barely, just barely get out the words "please----- don't stop----- p-please--- baby--- I'm--- i-- I'm cummin!!"..... I pound you even faster until you start shaking uncontrollably, screaming out in pleasure, legs squeezed around my hips so tight that I'm barely able to move. I stop pounding you and go back to stroking you nice and slow and deep, making sure you ride that orgasm all the way out. I hold you even tighter so that you can't even run from what is now a pleasure and sensation so overwhelming that you can't bear it any longer. I decide to show you a little mercy and I stop stroking you. I'm just resting inside you, throbbing along with your walls and clit. I place soft tender kisses upon your lips, your cheeks, your neck, a few across your chest and shoulders and then back up to place one last kiss upon your forehead. I gaze down upon your exhausted, yet extremely satisfied face and I gently run my hand alongside your cheeks, admiring you. You look up at me and place your hand upon my face. Both of us breathing heavily and satisfied.

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