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Real LOVE doesn't have to come with pain or hurt.!!!
United States
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Hello Ladies;

They say I should write a little something about myself & what I seek.

Just to be completely honest, I will tell you that I’m NOT perfect, but I can tell you that I have qualities that I hold dear. My ability to be fair, honest, understanding, & caring to a lady who is ready to give same is my heart's desire.

As a man who has been through just as much as most women, I too have had hurt, pain and loss. Although we remember these things, we are here to once again find that special someone who can bring life to our spirit and love to our hearts.

So when you read my profile and if we speak or chat you will know up front my intentions and what I have to offer in a relationship.

I believe that communication is a basic fundamental in a relationship and that will with inspiring passion & love.

I enjoy spending as much time with my mate that does not overwhelm but shows that I care and support her in all she does. Respect is a comfort that should never die. Cheating is unacceptable in any relationship and does not need to happen if you're not happy then maybe parting is the best way or just maybe talking it through.

I have many things that I enjoy doing, but we can discuss those later. I believe that if two people enjoy being together that these things will be enjoyed by both.

In final, I would like you to know that I am retired but run a small Computer Repair Service, I enjoy it and I love helping people save money and teaching them what otherwise they might not know or have to pay for. I also wear a small brace on my foot which was the result of an operation that went wrong, it does not change who I am but just makes me stronger.

I hope your search for & what you seek is true and successful.!!


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