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I'm looking to select a female based on Beauty, Elegance, Intelligence and Personality. But fuck buddies will work too
United States
Mount Dora
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I'm White, German, Polish & Japanese - WWII(World War 2)
I'm originally from Efland-Mebane, NC
I'm brain damaged on the right side of my brain-after being hit by an SUV traveling 65-85 mph on February 20th 2001
I never graduated. I was kicked out of school in 02
I have my GED
I scored 2460(40 points away from a college scholarship score) on my SAT in 2007 after changing 10+ answers from right to wrong,out of paranoia
I'm not a geek but a former everyday stoner
I walk wit a limp, reason I was called da pimp wit da limp in high school

I'm looking to select a woman based on Beauty, Elegance, Intelligence and Personality
So if you play games? FUCK ON OUTTA MY PROFILE. I don't play games. I'm grown. I'm also one of the few men that actually KNOW how to have sex. There's a lot more to it than just sticking a cock in a pussy. You must know a woman's psychology to truly please her. Also, you must know what you're doing. That's why I give women multiple orgasms to several orgasms during a single session of sex while MOST MEN don't even give women a single orgasm during a sex. It is a PROVEN FACT that MOST MEN(around 85%) do not know how to have sex

So grow up and don't play with me... Unless you wanna play with my cock


I'm looking to select a woman based on beauty, elegance, intelligence and personality


I haven't  fucked since a MILF all 3 days before and leading into 2010. But I am one of the only 15% of men that know how to have sex. There is much more to it that just sticking it in. You must know what you are doing and know the psychology of a woman,  to truly please her.


I don't disappoint. So add me on yahoo


My favorite position(s) is/are: Girl on Top, Doggy Style, Reverse Cowgirl, Side by side, Missionary, 69, Blow Job.


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