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Call me shallow. ;p
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I am a 19 year old male virgin. I saved myself for years in the endeavor of finding someone to love before losing it. However my heart has now been broken 4 times while I was in love so now I have decided to hell with that. I am a sugar daddy to a girl in an open relationship. we have agreed to make my first time into a threesome once she finds herself a girl she wants to do it with. her preference is an asian girl, however should you be interested and not an asian and i would be willing to suggest you to her as well. i'm hoping that someone replies to this soon because i'm tired of being a virgin and i want my damn threesome. if you are interested please send me a message. I'll will send you a pic. of her so that you can see if you're interested. she is looking for something casual but long term. i dont really care so long as there are no STD's involved.(no offense to those with but it'd suck to get one my first time) please message me if you are interested.


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