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I'm really just making this profile so that i can meet people to fool around with. Remember I'm not looking for sex just foreplay and fooling around really, and sorry if that's a tad off putting for some people (Probably most)

What I'd like to happen is to meet someone whos willing to meet up with me every once in a while to just hangout and mess around. more like a friends with benefits type of thing. I'm basically willing to try anything. all you have to do is ask.

Things I like most though are eating-out, pleasing the other person, Light Dom/Sub relations, role switching, Being controlled, being sensually tortured, Sensually torturing partner, Anal (You or Me) and a cavalcade of different things.

I really like to read manga/hentai and watch pornography, although I've never done that with anyone but myself so it'd be really cool if i could try that. I'm also pretty interested in snowballing, i can explain that if you'd like. I'm not against other people joining the situation, be it male (they would have to be pretty hawt for me to agree) female, or trans (pretty unlikely here)

also I'd like to mention that I am fairly new to this sort of thing so take it easy on me hahaha. But I Cannot stress enough that I would never do anything to you, or make you do anything that you weren't comfortable with, unless of coarse that's what was kind of happening at the time. tee hee (8


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