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Hey im Wesley, im 18 i live in cerritos i love cars. I work at a car dealership as a mechanic. Im going to college to get my AA degree in Automotive technology. Im almost done with it, i finish in august, I like to go out and meet new people. I like to relax at the beach, go on long random drives in my truck, and have a good time. Im enlisted to go away to the Marines OOrah, and some words i have about it.....for all the free people that still protest you're welcome we protect you and you are protected by the best your voice is strong and loud but who will fight for you no on standing in you crowd we are you fathers brother and sons wearing the boots carrying the guns we are the ones that leave all we own to make sure your future is carved in stone we are the ones who fight and die we might not be able to save the world well at least we try we walked the paths to where we are at and we want no choice other than that so when you rally your group to complain take a look in the back of your brain in order for that flag you love to fly wars must be fought and young men must die we came here to fight for the ones we hold dear if that not respected we would rather stay here so please stop yelling and put down your signs and pray for those behind enemy lines when the conflict is over and all is well be thankful we chose to go through hell for you. I try to keep my friends and family close to me. well if you want to know more just ask. dont be scared to write me ill talk to anyone thats willing to write me, if your willing to talk to me ill talk back out of common courtesy. =]

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