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Im looking to make friends on here & maybe find a lover. I'm humble, yet confident, kind, compassionate, wise, generous, AWAKE & ALIVE Life, molded me into a natural leader. I'm wise beyond my years I'm Intelligent, & FUNNY (I loosen up when I warm up 2 my surroundings) i love to both compose & arrange music in my home studio. Sometimes I just stay at home & write 4 days - other days, I love to escape, get In my RX8 & get away & never look back. I move around a lot. Just moved back from NY. I'm a screenwriter, currently employed by Paramount Pictures to handle rewrites for projects being sold on speculative. But Im freelance so I write for the highest bidder. Soon I'll be selling my work (that's the dream ) thus I can live anywhere & do what I love to do. I Live by a marina, in the summer we bring out the jet skis & the boat. We Love to have extra company & throw wild parties then build large camp fires & enjoy the beautiful night ......(invite to all) I LOVE to travel. I've been 2 Cali & Louisiana, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Budapest, Italy, France, Russia, Mexico,Florida, DC ,& NY just to name a few. Thinking about traveling to L.A or San Fransisco with someone special soon - if I find her.....

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