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General Info
Good times, no string, no baggage.
United States
Looking For:

I spend a good bit of my time hiking, shooting photography, camping and skiing. Professionally I split my time between my web design business and my photography. 

I’m really good at:

Cooking on the grill.
Giving massages.
Aggravating the far left.
Aggravating the far right.
Forgetting things.
Speaking on my behalf.
Speaking on my cat's behalf.
Playing Foosball.


My favorite stuff:

1) Movies: Shawshank Redemption, The Jungle Book, Star Wars (the original), The Holly Grail, Raising Arizona, Forest Gump, 300, Gladiator
2) Music: Jimmy Buffett, Kiss, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Iron Maiden, The Offspring, Led Zepplin, Janis Joplin, The Bee Gees, Crooners (Sammy D jr., Sanatra, etc).
3) Places: A-Basin CO, Costa Rica, Thailand, My girl's arms
4) Food: Pizza, Ribs, T-Bones, Shrimp, Lima Beans (I don't think so).
5) TV Shows: Simpsons, BBC News, Science Documentaries, No Reservations, Northern Exposure, American Idol? (I'll let you decide if I'm kidding or not).
6) Activities: Travel (I have the WanderLust in a big way.. I need to travel often and would be pleased to find someone who uses their passport. Thus far I've traveled to 20 countries.
), Photography, Skiing, Scuba, Hiking and Watching Movies (I watch a lot of flicks).

You should message me if
1) You have been a female since birth.
2) You think "ridding b-itch" on my motorcycle is fun.
2.5) You are not offended because I said "ridding b-itch".
3) You think it's absurd that POF won't let me spell the word b-itch.
4) You always wear costumes on Halloween.

You should not message me if you:
1) are looking for a pen-pal.
2) require a week notice for dates
3) call a one mile walk, hiking.
4) favorite music is hip hop.

If you can meet these lofty standards then I think we might have the beginnings to a beautiful play-date.

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