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Adventure is placed deep in spirit! Challenge it!
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Independent, free-spirited, fun-loving and a hot ....I consider honesty and integrity important attributes in myself and those I share my time. I gravitate to people who have a sense of humanity, humility, morality, and maturity, know what to take seriously and are comfortable with their place in the world. Sex appeal is of course important but also subjective and I find myself attracted to energy and attitude. I love being active in all kinds of adventure, both outside my body and inside. I ignore the outside adventure because everyone knows that and I'm a serious fan. I seriously do volleyball and tennis, go hiking and mount biking every week and in winter do the same schedule for skiing. I want to talk about indoor adventure; I like to try any new thing and find the rule of relations in the world that I have not been aware of. I like to touch the part of people's personality that they like themselves to be touched. Everyone has to have some strength deep inside, and I like to find it and touch it. This is the type of adventure that I call "indoor adventure". I need to have the courage to dive into people's personality, and I think I've built that courage. If you reached here, it's worth to know that I like the peace in a long and tight hug under a warm shower from someone that I love! And if you didn't expect this from such an adventurer person, then you need to ask a lot to know me better.

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