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i can put a smile on a cow
United States
los angeles
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My name is Dre just a smile and conversation from a handsome guy ... #myentainment I'm not gone sit here and say I'm looking for somebody ....in life your apart of what you meet . And what you meet is either good or bad . So be cautious of what you encounter . I understand it's gone be hard to get to somebody on here due to all the weirdos that sites like this produce . It's all good I'm not thirsty and I don't judge nor do i look down on no body I just look at them but if they go against the grain ima throw the whole book at them . But what I want is something solid , wanna take the time and effort to understand me , as a man I can sit here and write for days but Forreal I'll prefer to speak on it in person it's a lot if suckas lookin watchin and plotin ... Be aware don't fuck with no square ... Be with somebody this go help you produce something ...somebody with some substance .. no fakin or shakin and for you finger poppin window shoppers stay toon


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