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intelligent, apathetic stoner seeks outlet for spurts of passion
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that sounds prettay raunchay, eh. but yeah. i'm a loner, stoner, artist, writer, etc. (unemployed/retired) basically I sit around a lot. would like to care about someone other than myself for a change. and i wanna be havin regular sex. i mean, if i had a chick as-horny, or slightly-hornier than me, I'd get a lot of exercise I'm not getting. like I think I'd get pretty fit, and get a lot better at sex too. would be cool to make some amatuer porn too. always wanted to do that. got a camera now so I figure it's time to. basically, all i want from you is: appreciate dry humour, enjoy sex, don't be an idiot and preferably no weird mutations/goiters on the face region (unless u got a rockin' bod)

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