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I wanna see you again... But i'm stuck in colder weather...
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Well I'm recently divorced. I enjoy not showering for days, smoking crack and beating my kids regularly. Hmmm, that's prolly not something to joke about. Oh well I'm leaving it. I'm pretty much the opposite of that. I'm a very decent individual. I do have one child a super awesome 3 year old girl. My name is Adam Carper if you wanna stalk me on face book. My 1st wife of 12 years was wholesome and good to a fault. Her and mother Teresa could be besties for sure. My 2nd wife on the other hand was the devil incarnate. Which can be fun at times but mostly a headache. So a girl that’s somewhere in between those would be nice. I seem to have no problem at all spilling my guts to people I've just met for some reason. Talking about things that most people would feel embarrassed to. I'm a very open person. Communication is what it's all about so why dilly dally around. I think that if you are with someone that you can't be yourself around or if you have to worry about every word that comes out of your mouth then you are with the wrong person. That's not a relationship that's a form of bondage and not the fun kind. I enjoy people that are open minded and don't put limits on where the conversation goes or how honest they can be. There's no sense in living a lie anyway cuz you'll only be able to keep it up for so long. So regardless if the relationship ends up being sexual or just friends I would like the kind that is mature and honest and thus liberating, beyond what most people have. My pet peeves are those that are generally just full of shit most of the time and prudish people.

Thank u for your patience. I am currently experiencing a 3 yr old hanging off my neck and high message volume. I apologize for the delay. Current hold time is 1-10 days. Your message IS very important to me and will be answered in the order in which it was received. :)


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