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Ben Malavé I live to fulfill my curiosity. Every day it becomes more apparent the world is beautiful but to behold the full extent of its greatness and function at our prime we must cooperate; aesthetics rely on all. I am just a man. My only enemy is my ignorance. I have an Eclectic Morale and intend to inspire a Chamber Of Rapture; people gathered with the common desire for joy (via each other). I am a musician and lyricist. I specialize in electric guitar and vocals. Through the use of sensory stimulation I intend to induce consciousness, emotional revolution and success. I have few inhibitions which include (but are not limited to) disrespect, dishonesty, secrecy, violence, animal cruelty (I am vegan), drugs and alcohol. Take life seriously, this is all you have. Reality includes instinct, emotion, science and spirituality. Let us deal accordingly. I adapt dialect to whom I am addressing. Let's socialize.

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