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I wanted to talk to you, but you are so much more attractive than most of the other people in last night's pile that I couldn't get a moment alone, or even as part of a threesome or foursome with you. There was a brief moment, while you were reverse cowgirling that old guy and jerking off two midgets while orally satisfying the butch chick in the leather chaps, when our eyes met, and it was magic. First, I want to be clear that I wasn't calling you a filthy whore, it was the woman I was doggy-styling, and that was only after her repeated insistence that I talk dirty to her. I promise I would treat you more respectfully than that. I also want to make clear that I don't normally go to orgies but only followed you into the building hoping for a chat, but since you were taken and she was the only other attractive woman there I got busy - well, desperate times call for desperate acts... Anyway, the point is, I think I love you. I know, we've not met, and I don't think any of my semen actually ended up in you, though we can't be sure of that, now can we, but probably not, so that makes us complete strangers. But there was that moment, that electric moment, before you started to gyrate wildly and cry out in some foreign language (was that French? I love French) when we connected, and it was as if I could see into your soul, and you into mine. So can't we give it a try? All I'm asking for is a cup of coffee. And perhaps a threesome, if your roommate is sexy, or if we meet a good looking stranger on the street. But let's just start by getting to know each other, okay? p.s. I could see you had a good sense of humour by the way you kept laughing (at least I think it was laughing) when that big black guy took you from behind. So here's the deal...I am a man I am... Sensible but Fun Mannered but Unpretentious Adorable but Outrageous Strong but Flexible Genuine but Complicated Sexual but Patient Classy but Bawdy Nice but Naughty You will be... Yourself because... What you look like is not as important as who you are What you say is not as important as how you feel What you do is not as important as what drives you Your past is not as important as your future The difference between travelling the world and staying at home can sometimes be as simple as opening a door... I am not the average sleep with anyone kind of a guy and I have too much respect for myself than to be anything other than very discerning. I don't send pictures of my bits, don't plaster my photos all over this site and don't broadcast who I spend time with. I treat people as adults and like the same in return. I am genuine, kind, caring, mannered, confident and above all enjoy a laugh with a very good sense of humour. i.e not the usual... xx

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