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im single and looking for someone to be with
United States
My name is dustin , I'm a easy going guy, I try to always tell the truth, I hate liars, so be truthful. I'm a very strong willed person, you can't change me so don't even try, I believe you should be love for the person you are not what people want you to be. I have a good, loving family and friends, that support me in every thing I do. I'm here to find love, not to hook up and have sex, I'm here to find my soul mate. I try to live life like tomorrow wont come. I stand up for what I believe, I am the kind of person that if you don’t like what I’m about, then just keep walking, I don’t put up with anyone’s BS, I tell it the way it is, I hate fake people, liars, and backstabbers, if your going to be a friend then be one not a jack ass. If more people just told the truth the world would be a better place.my yahoo is be_dustin

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