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General Info
Dark skinned men OR kinky men in London ? GENUINE REAL pleasure here
United Kingdom
Looking For:

Men outside of London, UK - DO NOT write to me or send a friend request. i just BLOCK you as i only meet for real.

Since 2006 I have been a genuine pleasure giver to Dark skinned men. No strings, no fee ,no catch. My life is devoted to serving Dark men.

Firstly, you need to know i worship black/dark cock and the men attached to them!
i know that you are here looking for that hot girl (female) because you have the need to get your cock serviced really, really soon. Maybe even tonight.

But, i also know that it is not quite that straightforward getting to bed the gorgeous chick that you
have just spotted on Peachmate. It is time consuming and quite an effort to get that girl in the place that you want her to be in , on her knees, lips around your cock!

You are horny right? That's why you are here!

You like nothing better than to see a girl look into your eyes when she is on her knees with your cock in your mouth, giving you that lovely, long, slow, blow job. Or maybe you prefer it rough , to grab her by the hair and face fuck her ?

So, whilst you are spending all of that time and effort wooing that "perfect" girl , i have the solution for you.

You come to my private apartment, i invite you in, pour you a drink, you sit back, relax, watch the hot porn DVD that i have put on for you. You really need to get off, you've been chasing the girls, exchanging all of those emails etc... but all you want is a no strings blow job instead of wanking yourself off again tonight.
The porn DVD has gotten you worked up, you are comfortable and relaxed and horny, so, i get on my knees and get to work with my talented mouth, just as good, or maybe even better than the females that you are chasing. You are going to love exploding down my throat and, like the guys that i have met in the past, you are going to have such a nice experience you are going to come back for more.

You don't have to "pleasure" me, or reciprocate.


You might even be inclined to fuck a girl in the ass, i'll let you do that too. Anal is so much tighter than pussy ! You don't have to, i am just letting you know that you have that option too!
i am not an escort, as i said earlier, i just love black/dark men and i love to give O (and receive A if you like ) and reciprocation is not required. i hate to see my beautiful Black men frustrated.

As you can see from my pics, i am a tall, slim, totally smooth, Tgirl. i am in my late 30's.
Other words used for Tgirl are crossdresser , transvestite,shemale. Sorry I had to choose the "female" option on this site . I am certainly not a "male" and there was no tgirl option to tick.

i am 5ft 11" (or 6ft 3" in my heels!)
My hair is shoulder length dark brown and my eyes are red, from gagging on all of your lovely cocks!

So what are you waiting for gorgeous Black guy?
There is a tube station right opposite my house!
i am hyper confidential and discreet, most of the black/dark men i have met consider themselves heterosexual and most are married/partnered. So, you won't be the first to act on your curiosity . You have nothing to loose but so much to gain. Just come around, if you are not comfortable, just turn around and leave. Simple as that. Why not just spend an hour of your time finding out?
Who knows, you might JUST find the perfect place and person in me to call around whenever you are horny and need draining when you have exhausted other avenues today.

Try me - you ARE going to love it !!!

N.B - i DO NOT appreciate emails from PALE skin guys saying "Meet me , i am not black but i do have a big cock". For your information, my preference is for skin colour, i do not care if a black man has a 6 inch cock or a 14 inch cock, i am not a size queen and your "big white cock" is not going to interest me in the slightest.

**** My "Kinky" side ****

*** i will meet compatible Kinky men of ANY race/skin colour (so, caucasian men , you are included here). ***

i like kinky sex. PVC, Rubber/Leather, lycra and satin fetishes combined with BDSM (Master/slave/Daddy/Daughter) type of lifestyle.
i am NOT into pain , so all you spankers out there , sorry , i am not the girl for you BUT that leaves A LOT of other kinky activities for you to indulge in .
i am VERY much into bondage and control situations. Tied securely for you to make full use of my holes and submissiveness.
i love Dominant , assertive , kinky , imaginitive Top men.
i won't go into a long list of kinky activities , if you are a Dom Top or Master you will already know what those entail.
Lets just say my only current known limit is pain and i am open to ANY of your kinkiest desires as i am experimental , submissive , responsive and totally unshockable.
My submission to you can be one-on-one , in a group situation , indoors in private or outdoors (dogging , forests, sex-clubs etc...)
My submission can include humiliation and my predicament can be photographed , broadcast on webcam or filmed.
Are you an exhibitionist too ? Or maybe you can exhibit your slave without yourself in the picture?
You will be assertive , nasty , and demanding.
i submit to males with two legs and males with four legs!

i also have a fetish for MASCULINE men in lingerie. If you are a mans man, confident that you are 100 percent masculine BUT you like to slip into nylons and lingerie then i find that EXTREMELY erotic and hot.
Let me know if you want to put on my stockings when we meet.

i will ONLY follow up on white skinned men who are genuine , lifestyle kinksters . Your profile will reflect this.
White guys who are not experienced in kink and would just like the opportunity to tie me up in order to meet me are NOT going to get through.

As with meeting ANYONE , meeting will depend on mutual physical attraction. Just because we may be a match in our sexual desires it does not automatically follow that we will meet. i do need to "fancy" you in order to meet.

i like men aged 25 - 49 who's weight is in proportion to their height. (So overweight guys , sorry , we are not going to meet)


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