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What makes me happy?............ What makes me happy when I am down is a dream. A dream of meeting a female who talks to me endlessly so effortlessly and with each breath she utters, she draws me to know her more, as if each moment is the 1st time Im meeting her. She opens up to me and connects with me mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally having me feeling lost without her. I want to give all of me to all of her, only if she will give all of herself to me when the time is right & I will do everything her heart desires me to because I realized a lot of things over the years and as ironic as it may be; us humale beings do things most of the times for ourselves thinking that that is the full realization of happiness, when ironically we get more happiness in doing something for someone because all we want to do is feel loved and accepted. In my dreams I will make her body my shrine, completely and totally intertwined & we’ll be suspended in perfect glorious time


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