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Lets have some fun ;)
New Westminster
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Hi there! Do you want to have some fun?

I'm 18, blond, blue eyes, athletic body.
I moved here from Europa 10 years ago. I love the sun (not an often occurrence in Vancouver).
I have two years of olympic judo behind my belt. Every winter weekend I go skiing to Grouse. I train parcour and love to run and excersize and swim. I train only for fun! Although I do enjoy the benefits - great health, a nice tan, new ways how to use my body and mind and a super endurance :D
I'm also artistic. 3D animation (kinda nerdy stuff i know), painting and drawing.
I can cook. Not my absolute favorite thing to do, but when Im doing something I must have it very nice!
You can always expect a luxurious Greek/Ukrainian style dinner..
I love intelligent people. I don't mean the nerds who memorize a bunch of formulas and numbers.. no.. You must be able to question everything, think backwards and sideways and see the world from any perspective. Those are the most interesting people!

I'm a student, studying architecture. Honestly.. It's not a wise to try to pull of a serious relationship and a serious school at the same time, there just isn't enough time to do both properly.. And at this age.. well.. my sex drive is revving at its maximum potential and isn't gonna slow down any time soon. I can't say that I'm too sure about this.. but if a girl in a similar position as me.. wants to have some fun with no strings attached - Ill give anything new a try once! And if she loves it too much ;) then I wouldn't mind having a friends with benefits ;) Lets have some fun! Satisfaction guaranteed hahah ;)

Okay so I cant read or send messages on the site, but if you wanna email me at (my username) at gma il dot c om
Or text me: siz zero four six zero three seven two seven one
Its the only way to contact me!


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