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I'm an extraordinary man. Few, nay, most would question my sexuality if they spent a day with the true me. It's no wonder then that I don't prefer the company of simpletons, as I hate pretending. (Besides, being me kicks ass.) I don't expect anyone to change for me; come as you are, please. I don't talk with a stereotypical gay lisp or display effeminate mannerisms. I suppose some people would deem me a metrosexual. . I don't disrespect anyone on any level no matter how trivial it may seem. Fuck personal remarks. Not only are they rude, they're ugly, capable of uglifying the most anatomically beautiful person. I love sports. I love being sexy and sensual. My ideal exercise is plenty of walking and sex. I can touch a woman so tenderly, so softly. I insist on a close connection. If it's not there, nor will I be. My capacity for intimacy is as strong as it is natural and respectful. I don't believe in forcing anything, inside and outside the bedroom(unless t's all play), with all things, personal and impersonal. I'm incredibly open. I'm that comfortable with myself. I value all human life. No one is better than anyone else. We all own a piece of inordinate wealth. But when that wealth is unknown it might as well be garbage. Some people treat it thus. We're all on our own journeys. Some people are further along is all. And their opportunities may very well have been more advantageous. I detest fake behavior and lackluster communication skills; I'm such a sucker for words and using them. I love to understand people. I love to chuckle. My humor is more high-brow. Raised a suburbanite, self-graduated to an urbanite, I flourish in the city. However citified, I still cherish nature. No matter how palette-fantastic-orgasmic, I enjoy appropriate portions of good food -- much more veggies than meat, with a likeness for lightness and full on flavor. I prefer food from responsible, sustainable sources. I'm interested in new things. I'm passionate, I'm positive. My outlook on life always has hope at the end of the tunnel. I love to joke around, if I like you. I sip an occasional classic martini, wine, and tea -- and coffee daily. I gulp water. I love my affordable luxuries. I wouldn't mind giving up alcohol completely, nor would my mind. I need a break from this self-promotion. So, enough about me, it's your turn. An admiration for tasteful quality is prerequisite, not to mention owning who you are, a woman of culture and style, a real sweetheart -- if only such a coincidence could materialize from here. Oh, oh, I want someone whom I can be free with, someone with whom I can make things of value, nice things, like, really, really nice. Something called love -- et al. Stay real. Muah!

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