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Peace, transformation, the joy of connection, music, dance, community. I will bathe you in the warm glow of universal love, shower you with expansive awareness, and connect with your deep self. Are you the moon to my sun? Would you bask in my light? I am a Yoga teacher, music teacher, and community facilitator. I live my life in an attempt to express universal harmony in all areas. I have created a Community Co-operative devoted to spirituality and harmony that we call "The Phoenix Pond". I am proud to say that we can now be found on google, and we are steadily growing and expanding. A lot of what i do is trying to bring people together to live together in community - to create connection rather than isolation in our society. If you speak to me then listen with your whole being to mine and i will share with you the depths of my soul. And as you share with me i will hear your whole being as it speaks. If you would dance with me then let the cosmic dance unfold through you and we will explore in ecstacy If you would make love to me, then drink in my essence and i will shower you with the divine love of the universe.

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