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a friend to talk to, to listen to you, a lover that is a kissaholic, gives long periods of passionate oral pleasure.
waterdown, ontario canada
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Hi :) I'm Andy. I'm 51 5'9" tall, 220 lbs. 2x divorced and not looking for another relationship due to the yelling and guilt trips that my exes have put me through. As a friend, I'm considerate, listens, communicative, humorous, wildly outgoing with an open mind. As a lover, I love kissing so much, find discreet outdoor places to go crazy and most of all, I LOVE GIVING ORAL PLEASURE; most times for long periods of time a day. I can't do intercourse due to having only 30% erect power, but I have 100% feeling and have orgasms. However, my oral talents and giving full body massages more than make up for what I lack. As a lover socially I'm considerate, open-minded (as long as it doesn't hurt), gentle, tender, not into golden, brown or rainbow showers. I do love covering a woman's butt with kisses and oral pleasure. Feminine looking trans-women are welcome too whether they're post or pre-op. Female hermaphrodites are welcome. Age, weight, age, race, background, disability ect. are no issue. Getting along great, gelling, trusting, connecting, having fun together, being comfortable with each other and our social circles is such a great experience to hold and remember whether we're friends or lovers. Thank you for your time reading my add. If you find good, even great appeal to the aspects I've expressed here. Hit me up. Take care. Andy xoxoxo

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