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Hello there :) I'm trying this site out and see how it goes. Now to start with the obvious describing myself. Obviously with my username coffeedude2014 I am an avid coffee fan. I generally enjoy lighter roasts and the atmosphere. Thats what makes a place great. I am pretty random with everything. I am always up for a roadtrip anytime 4am you say? Lets go. Jam out to some trance or alternative rock? No problem crank ot up. My interests are all over the place. I used to play the violin and im thinking of getting back into it. As far as music I like a bit of everything, celtic, classical, rock, electronic club and very little rap. Though I don't listen to it much I am open to listening to anything once who knows maybe I'll like it. I am also an anime fan big favorites are Sword Art Online, Clannad, Clannad After Story and Eureka 7. As for favorite music artists DJ Tiesto, Bart Claessen, A Day To Remember, I Am The Avalanche, Sebastian Bach And AfroJack. I could keep going on for hours but thats good for now. I like to spend some days fishing or just relaxing on the beach and enjoying the quiet. But at the same time I am a big NYC fan. I generally like hamging out in the village and soho. I used to skateboard through the city all the time. I should get back into it. Thats an idea for later :) As far as my background I am half Native American (Apache) and half Puerto Rican though I speak only english. I basically have the speech and disposition of a surfer straight out of California. Though I have never been there. Anyway if you took the time to read through my profile feel free to message me about anything. Thank you for taking the time to do so. I am looking for a long term relationship primarily. I also am interested in casual encounters as well.

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