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I'm an honest old soul with the kindest of intentions. I can be very upfront and show no hesitation to share what's on my mind but I only speak when I feel it's fit or if I'm asked to. Sarcasm is fluent with me. At the moment life is decent but I know it can be better so I'm looking for something to make it more enjoyable. I try to understand others well and easily appreciate things and people. I like the simple things in life as well as what the majority enjoy (aesthetics). I like art, music, movies, etc and enjoy diving into each of their worlds. I'm a hopeless romantic. I still believe in chivalry. I'm big on respect,loyalty, knowledge, appreciation and understanding. 
I'm a more of a giver than a receiver and always aim to please. I'm a perfectionist and try to go above and beyond with things. I like the vernacular and always seek knowledge as it is a building block to a better life. I'm a night owl and have irregular sleeping patterns.I like to be out and about and be very busy, I don't like wasted days. I've been told I have thick skin but I am pretty soft on the inside. I'm a laid back person with heavy ambition (currently working on building my own company so that takes a lot of my time). I'm not the greatest with introductions so if there's anything you'd like to know about me just ask, I don't mind playing Q & A.

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