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Good evening. Sick of most people with immature nonsense and insecurities and useless verbiage. Lets make each feel good. I am a 37 year old heterosexual man. Originally from South Africa with the fortune of calling the USA my 4th continent to live on. Recently I find myself in Baltimore MD. Having a strong sexual background and one long term (10yr) relationship, I currently find myself in a state of boredom with life. I have recently found a love for getting women to squirt whilst instructing them to control their arms and legs in order them to reach a climactic state of being. I had ventured to a sex shop to purchase comfortable restraints where I was advised to this site. On the other side of the coin: It is becoming difficult to get off myself. I have not yet had good experiences with women under 30, unexperienced with the world/life/uneducated (multifaceted viewpoint), women whom have not reproduced. I do not have sex with virgins.
I enjoy: -Romance, intimacy, sex (all of it, not just intercourse) outdoor activities, holidays (going away),Women whom are comfortable and confident with self and are able to let go sexually, athletic, flexible, fairly slender to thin.

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