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trying to figure here ad me skip3 darkangelcute ^_^
United States
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I love Dancing, Modeling and most of the time i enjoy hangouts with my friends. I enjoy outdoors activities like mountain climbing, surfing and cycling. I am simple and sexy. yes I'm... and at this point in my life im just daring someone to push me off the cliff to see if im strong enough to fly. Don't judge me because its unlikely you don't even know me. Give me a chance to show you who i really am. I don't regret anything I've done, and i believe if you live life with regret your not really living. Everyday brings something new you just have to open and let shit happen for it self..oh by the way, On the other hand i maybe really naughty, i like to experience different fun,i love learning but all my holes have been filled, my teachers are rowdy and cowboys and they drive me absolutely crazy. I believe that life can be a wonderful journey up and round. Despite this, they all say im best quickie and rough. I've done so many naughty things in my life..... ESPECIALLY in my ROOM... I always get what i want no matter what it take. I'm on the top of everything... even though sometimes im on hands and knee ha ha ha.. I've been down there, and they all went back for more, I've also been getting really interested in chatting, well, that's just all about me. If there's any thing else you want to know, you can definitely ask..

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