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mr funny is horny!
United Kingdom
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hi there ladies, dont be shy now, im single and looking and i'll show you the best time you can have with your clothes on lol.dont be put off by my pics cos im not smiling im just not good in front of the camera but i do love a good laff. .sick of seeing profiles saying 'if i dont reply im not interested',thats just bloody rude and ignorant it only takes a minute to say 'sorry not interested'! I cant stand indecisive women they really annoy me lol and why no pic? right thats my whinge over lol.im looking for someone whose fun to be with who can give as good as she gets. Im all for chatting on here but would prefer to meet up for a drink to see how we really get on.I have my own place and live on my own.I am looking for 'a bit of fun' so if you like what you see and wanna know more just drop me a line. i love my job,i work hard and play harder lol. i have a wicked sense of humour and a 1001 cheesey jokes for you to roll your eyes at haha. im very sarcastic borderline insulting lol,so if you are of a nervous disposition beware!. by the way ive just started working in the construction industry so if you wanna see me do 'The full Monty' in my work gear, unlike the film i may not leave my hat on! x

My aunty marge has been ill for so long we've started calling her 'i cant believe shes not better'!

i went on a date the other night, she wore a slinky number, she looked great coming down the stairs !

?2 lions walking up blackpool prom, 1 said to the other "quiet today, isn't it"?

one lesbian frog says to another.......we do taste like chicken !

throwing acid is wrong......in some peoples eyes haha

Husband says to wife ''we have 6 kids, 5 of them are alike but the 1 is a bit different, have you got something to tell me? "Yeah" she replies, "that ones yours"!

last summer i started up a colonic irrigation clinic but the hose pipe ban hit us hard !

I went the zoo the other day it only had one dog in it. It was a shitzu !

people say fire fighters deserve more money. apparently a pole was taken and they fell through a hole in the floor !



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