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Hello internets.
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My name is Frank and I currently live in Portland, Maine. I have lived all around Maine for my whole life. I'm a pretty easy going average looking guy who loves to laugh and have fun whether it's just hanging out or watching movies. Big fan of movies of all sorts. Anything is worth a watch at least once. I'm a big video game fan, ranging from good old classics like Galaga and Contra to present day games such as Call of Duty and Left 4 Dead I've been playing the vidya since I was a very young age, so I just grew to enjoy them.


Do you tweet? My twitter = http://twitter.com/octocamo if you want to stalk me.

I own a couple of domains that I'm doing nothing with; I don't even know why I own them but it's pretty cool I guess.


My heroes include Hideo Kojima, Todd Shaw, Christopher Walken, and Chris Hansen.


If you want to know something about me just ask... I'll most likely answer it.


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