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I'm like a cigarette - I am hard to quit, I am like vodka - I leave side effects, I am like champagne - strike to the head, I am just like heroin - for the brave, I am like marijuana- laugh with me to tears, I am as morphine - fall into euphoria, I am like a flower - so easy to hurt me, I'm like a butterfly -so hard to catch me, I'm like a hope so easy to lose me, I'm like the wind - so hard to stop me, I am like a drop of rain - I live just, I am how sound resounds with laughter , I am as the night - warn days, I am like star - wishes, I am like a river - not look back, I am like fire - do not leave illusions, I am how defenseless infant, I'm like YOU ARE SPRITE DESIRE! : P: p: p I am like 6 in the lottery - only for life:) I am like Ferrari - never fail, I'm like a magnet - attraction and repulsion, I am like Media Markt - not for idiots! I am and I live as I want BECAUSE NO ONE FOR ME, DO NOT DIE!


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