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Hey there all you beautiful ladies. I'm in the military been in for 10 years. Love it, reach a lot of goals in my life due to my career, like my own house , car and all the other stuff that makes life more enjoyable, just looking for that special someone to share with perhaps. So far no luck:) Love traveling be all over the world. Like climbing to the top of the rock of Gibraltar and turning one way and seeing the shores of north Africa and turning the other way and seeing the shores of Europe on a day where the sky is looks so blue you can see for every, Or in the middle of the ocean with the night so clear the the stars above sets the water ablaze with their light. I'm also a bit of a nerd love playing Skyrim and GTA 5 and love sci-fi and fantasy. Not hard core but love the imagination and art of it :) Someone I can trust :) but if you want to know what I am physically attractive too well woman with a pretty face " that I find pretty not based on what society thinks thank you very much" someone I will want to see before I close my eyes and someone I want to see waking up. Thana sexy ass that does not stop, than well you know the thing that makes a woman a woman. Hope my shocking male desires are not a shocker lol. But does not mean a blasted thing in the end if I cannot trust you or you me.

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