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Should I change that from, " WHO EATS MEAT, to nibbles and licks" :-) I'm a Tall, dark and Handsome, well tall anyway lol I'm a White, Cowboy. Artist, Author, and Biker. I’m a Cancer, if you are into the zodiac. Hey what is worse than lobsters on your Piano??? Crabs on your organ. (Cancer the crab) OK, I know BAD! Let me redeem myself, What is better than Roses on your Piano??? Tulips on your Organ. (two lips) OK, OK, No more bad jokes,,,,, I'm tall, 6' 2", 180/190 lbs. Athletic build, with shoulder length hair. That's it for hair tho, if you are looking for a hairy back, or butt, Eech!!! Sorry you can stop now. Still here? cool I'm laid back, and easy going, thats me! A pair of shorts and thongs. (Come on, really now! Not underwear), shoes, flipflops. Scheesh! Well not today anyway, Kidding, I'm Kidding!..... Hey, believe it or not I can carry on a conversation. Try me. I believe you should always walk a mile in someone else's shoes! That way if shit happens! you are a mile away,and have their shoes. I'm looking for, good times with a great person, or great times with a good person, Ahem, woman! This is the internet after all. OK,where was I,Oh yea,shoes, I have a size 13 foot. You know what they say about men with big feet??? They have big shoes! Ha,ha Oh shit,another bad joke, Now I'll never hear from you!... Are you are like me, missing laughter, missing arms holding you, the feel of hot breath on your neck, remember the time flying by so fast you wonder where it went, missing the racing of the heart, I Have felt this before. You have felt this feeling before. Don't you want to feel it again? I do!!!

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