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Looking to please someone who appreciates true passion.
United States
San Antonio
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Just imagine me mounting you against the wall pressed your hands up above your head where you couldn't move and I softly kissed your neck all the way up to you ears as I tingle your earlobes with my lips kiss and sucking on your ears as my hands firmly grasp your thighs and and my fingers softly and gently tease your skin. You wrap your legs around me as my lips move to yours and our tongues play with one another I softly caress your nipples with my finger tips and and start to kiss down your body. I take a piece of ice in my mouth and rub it around your nipples watching them get hard and cold. I tightly wrap my lips around each one and warm them up with my mouth as I let the piece of ice drip down your stomach and I slowly lick of each drop of water from your breast down to your belly button. I make circles around you belly button with the wet cold piece of ice before I drink the cold water as a body shot watching your stomach go in feeling pure ecstasy. Sliding the piece of ice inside your pussy and slide my tongue up you letting the drops of ice melt on my tongue as I warm you with my lips watching you shiver and quiver in excitement. I slowly raise your legs and grip my fingers tight around your inner thighs as my tongue vibrates inside you and I slowly go up to your clit wrap my lips around n slowly suck on it as I graze my finger tips up your leg and slide a finger inside you! Then I flip you upside down your legs wrapped around my neck and my face in between you legs and my tongue slides inside your wet pussy as I spell your name with my tongue and then wrap my lips around your pussy lips gently kissing n caressing them having a tight grip on your ass spreading you apart holding you up digging my fingers inside you teasing you as you hang upside down and tease your pussy going faster then slowing it down with my tongue and lips feeling every movement of your body against me. To be continued...

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