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Let's climb trees and make out ;)
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First of all, if you can't handle some sarcasm and a bizarre sense of humor, you're probably not my type. Save your time, click the back button and find yourself some boring guy. Best of luck !

Now congratulation to those that are still here ! You, now, are one step close to finding your kick ass samurai. Pff knights in shining armor are lame !
I am comfortable in my own skin, but I'm trying to conform and wear clothes. I'm the type of guy who isn't afraid to make the first move; whether it's kissing you in the rain or just holding your hand while we walk.
I have a unique taste in food, but if you make me a killer tiramisu, I may just break my rule about buying girls roses. But first you'd have to prove your dance skills with me. I'm starting to learn Salsa, and a partner who knows how to move their body is key (think you can keep up?).
In my experience, brunettes do it better. It seems like blondes are always ready to jump me regarding this argument. They'll be glad to hear that I'm definitely a lover not a fighter; but don't get any ideas because I'm a fighter too.
Every other guy wants to date a model. I would rather date a BARISTA, so I can get the perfect cup of coffee in the morning when I wake up ... and a CHEF for exquisite meals ... and a BARTENDER for some mind-blowing drink. However, I often run into a bit of problem trying to keep them in the same kitchen without them biting each other head off.
The reason I'm on here because I secretly enjoy screening and judging people I've never met. Don't even lie, you like to do that too. Fortunately enough, I have psychic power and plenty of magic to help that cause. You're probably rolling your eyes and say "Really now?" but that's for you to find out if you're lucky enough, and I mean really lucky ;)

Now that you survive all the way to this point, you probably are smiling like it's the best day of your life and can't wait to meet me. So stop stalking, cut the "girls shouldn't make the first move" bullsh*tand hit the MESSAGE button. I like a girl who isn't afraid to be honest with herself and going after what she wants :)

PS: I'm aware of how white girls crave for exotic foods, but just a reminder, I'm not an Asian piece of meat. I have feelings too.


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