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Trying this internet dating way for now. Don't got much to say about myself but email me and you will probably find interesting and rare person. I go against all the odds that I am supposed to be if you ever taken a sociology class you know that odds are against you sometimes but there is exceptions. I am one of them. It is hard to describe myself in typing but can tell you more if you are interested but just know I am an interesting character that beat what statics said I would be. Trust me I am far from what people see. I do have tattooes that are visible and math is and sociology is something I am so interested in which makes me unique in a sociological point of view because I am supposed to be different. Did I make you wonder how I am? Email me and get to find out how I really am personally because I am different and interesting in way. I one of the few that you would want to meet. Find out how and why I think this way. I am interested in bodybuiding so I am muscular If that is what you like. I can add more pics but I am bulking right now which I look fluffy and bloated but muscular. I can show a old summer pics at beach with six pack but I am more heavier now than that picture didn't want to false advertise. Did I say I down for whatever?


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