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Im a mutt n proud of it, my moms side there all from Peru S. America n there mixed with Italian, and my dads side born in L.A. there black n also mixed with native n im literally 25% each..cute mix u got the best of both worlds, i grew up in N. Hollywood born n raised. favorite color is baby blue, chinese food! is the best,, im not a thug i dont bang sry i look like it but thats with the narrow mind.. luv traveling n exploring unkown areas i luv an adrenalin rush whatever that may be..im very spiritual too many ppl are distracted about life n whats really going on in this matrix. the lord and my family mean the most...lets see hobbies... dancing,, at clubs or wherever. ima a private bodyguard: clients include govt, celebs, athletes, private whoever u name it, know all of ppl and have very very good connects(i luv it) uh i work for seico construction n wagner sod landscaping, seasonal sh*t, i am an intern at a law office in st. paul (west side) im investing my munny into being a JUDGE or Lawyer(theres just isnt any justice or truth anymore and i wanna bring america back.. jus aint the same...uh yea im no bum n im not hurtin for money i luv it been there a few yrs n dont know if i want my nursing job back but its w/e all 3 pay really good, uhh i luv cars, there my passion!!! you would never imagine this was me if u saw me i luv breakin all sterotypes n been doing it my whole life..i have 3 hondas.. one of em is turbo charged over 600hp(civic) soon my integra will be.. im luvin it,, i jus started playin texas holdem n i feel like im hooked now haha. i just love cruzin enjoyin company or solo with the open road, i dont do too much really im not into tv ill watch it but 90% is bs i like sports sry chikas im athletic, my goals n im being realistic i plan on being bigger then trump but im takin it with baby steps(some day i will be) idk i might get back into modeling, ima put myself back into school hopefully in 2months. being said. i hate drama, sry jus not my style, w/e im one of the most open minded kid youll ever meet, i dont judge only one man can do that, i never get bored i have fun talkin about anything. im very curious about life in every aspect(every detail) im always tryin to figure out the truth. i work n think differently than everyone else n when u get to know me youll understand, theres a time and place for everything but i always have a smile going on or just geekin n clownin all the time, i luv! to cook, clean, stay fresh mama taught me well n i dont like livin in filth call me what u want iv heard it all nothing will faze me.. trust me its all words nothing more, i dont like to argue or fight too much stress n it just drains you, eyes are the 1st thing i notice everything else is just a bonus...im open to all types all races i dont give a f*** if ur big skinny tall short any defects younger older, i dont see color i dont see race i jus see human, you might not like it but i luv the natural look im not picky no im not gay(sry fellas) the lord made man and women for a reason... ugh jus the thought of that eeeyuck(not hatin jus not my style) oh n were not alone in the universe either!!!!


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