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Cooking, music, making people laugh, the opposite sex and a dash of chaos is what makes my day complete. Becoming a chef and making a life in Colorado would be my biggest goals in life. A quality i enjoyably lack is a sense of shame, and have no problem being myself to the fullest. Have been in relationships most of my life and have deticated the next ten years to my new star player, the person who is only happy when I am, me. Spontaneous and casual encounters, as well as friendly ones, is the closest I want to get to relationship, that is until I find what I'm looking for in life. A friend mentioned this site to me and I figured I'd give 'er a whirl. Meeting new, and most importantly different people would be pretty freakin' sweet, and if this user account setup is the most I achieve, that's cool too! So to all the interesting people out there, What's Up?; and to all the lonely boring keyboard junkies, I'm here for you too!

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