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Respectful. Humble. Down to eaeth. Athletic.
United States
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Myers-Briggs: INTJ (Looking for those J's: the letter that matters in a relationship). (I will debate personality, but I am not going to explain everything, have some notion of personality testing).

I am quite introverted, I choose to look within myself for answers rather than to others, (that is also slightly due to my opinion that I have not found the one I want to share with). The choice to listen, and attack a thought from multiple angles before allowing it to be verbalized appeals to me much more than vice versa. On top of that, I am unbelievably analytical and judging, (in the sense of intelligence, not to be confused with being judgmental). That side of me, (possibly slightly arrogant), fully backs the notion that I analyze the actions, body language, and grammatical structuring of others very well, and in the most humble sounding way possible, I'd like to think that I use those observations to better myself, reflecting upon the way I walk, the way I drum, the way I choose to present myself to others. I'd like to think that part of the reason I am able to observe so well, is my ability to exclude emotion and personal biases, (which may sound biased itself), to allow complete analyzing of the situation. Wow, the nerdiness of that one... Honesty is quite the key factor in someone I am looking for, which, while building hand in hand with trust, should be part of the relationship because we see that the other person is worth it, (given, that takes a little time while we get to know each other.) I need an understanding, smart girl, who not only will look me in the eyes during a conversation, but wants me to be the one to share with. (On the topic of sharing, I understand that we lead separate lives, and not every little detail of the day is important. Despite my introversion and lack of willingness to currently share my "deeper" feelings, I yearn for someone to share with, and to understand where I am coming from, (for they are coming from a similar place.)

Realistically, I'm quite the know it all, just with some hands on, real world skills. (I've grown up with a father who does most things himself, and I am thankful for him teaching me as well as he has, whether it be 3D-design, welding, farmwork, chainsawing, electronics, etc..

I'm Athletic; I enjoy staying active. I grew up as a ski racer, and have sinced moved on to coaching. However, in the off season I appreciate anything outdoors: biking, golfing, swimming, hiking, soccer, longboarding, etc..


P.s. unique, artistic, original tattoos are my weakness on a girl. (But not at all a requirement).


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