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I'm a 22 yr old white male with a dick around 8", very horny and very ready.  I'm about 6'3" with an athletic buid.  I'm home from school for the summer, and am looking for some summer fun.  It can be a one time deal or a discreet thing.

I'm sure everyone has their secret fantasy that they want to play out, but are always afraid to ask for it. I know I am. But here is what I've aways dreamed of. If you're into this, or have some other fantasy they'd like to share, I want to make it happen for you. So if you like this, or don't like this, let me know and we can work something out... 

I tie you down to the bed and take off all your clothes except your panties. You are restrained completely so that there is nothing that you can do about what I do to you. I then take a small vibrator, place it directly on your clit while your panties hold it in place. I then watch your squirm and scream in passion as you come close to a climax. 

While this is going on, I stand at the foot of your bed and rub my cock while watching you. Right before you climax, I take the vibrator out and untie you from the bed and tie your hands at your ankles. 

I then put you flat on your stomach with your face hanging off the end of the bed. I take my dick and fuck your mouth, making you gag. I keep doing this to a point where I am close to climax. I untie you again and we lie next to each other teasing the other until the point that we can no longer control our passion and dive into each other. You start sucking my dick again and I lick your pussy simultaneously. 

I then lay back and you straddle me, and my dick slides into your sweet pussy so easily. You ride me so hard that you are almost in pain... This continues with maley different positions in which we fuck hardcore. I'm also into you spitting on my dick, and i can spit on you as well. Also lots of spanking and slapping would be nice. 

I also want to be able to explode all of my loads on your face (multiple loads through a long night). 

Is that something you might be interested in?


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