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hi my name is robb i am 39 years old and am interested in (poro1101 @stcloud state.edu) having a sexual relationship and see where it goes i want woman that likes having sex but also loves to have oragasims i want a woman who like to play and not just have entercorse i want a woman who is willing to shave her hair in the right places. i love to enjoy the smell of a woman i like woman that likes to have man look her with passon and undrstand that when she wants it she can have it! if it is an all day thing then it is. if ths fits you and you would like to talk about it. give me a call at 320-761-3798 .ANYTIME you are ready for pleasure and enjoyment i am. avaiable anytime of night! if you feel horney and are wet- i am ready if you are and when you are. the only thing i ask is that a person understand that (i am not interested in being a sugar daddy) i just want be a man when a woman needs a man please call me! email me and i will RESPOND i call me regardlees if you a READING this then you have my permissionto call and email me this is more of what i lik and the way to get me is at the endHi my name is RobertPowell (robb) I am intersted in amcilitude of things iam 39 yrs old and i live in stcloud mn i am ssingle and have 2 children and am intereted in a mulitudof thing.Have values when it comes having arelationship sand would like the most to have freids with benifita or a causual relationship i amnot controlling nor want to be contolled i aenlly freinds but i aslo am a na and love ot be that.part of being a man is commiunicatiof with woman and undar satdib there need.Now bout the bedroom and what i am lookingg fo here i am lookingbecuse i enjoybeing with a woman and want to please her as her man ther somethingas i lke and other things i do not like I love lingerie and stocking my colos are black and white i am interested right now in having sex and making love i want with a women i enojoy things a somen and the brushing her hair I love to maasage a women in oil and aftre massging her body oil and fondling her advanceing to orlal sex taking my time to absorb her wetness i do not mind awomen tha tis over procductin of orgaism or saying in blunlty squirts i do not like stoppping until i am satisfied and i am generally not never satifeid i can do this for hours after int ens orgaosm i enjoy the movemnt of a women throgh penetration getting a rythem and alowing ehr to put her nauls in my back and pulling me close to her i do not look at intercouse as a short exprince and understand how to prolong my oragism until she has had mulitple orgasims and the most pasionate thing i like to do is kiss i love to french kiss and love putting my togue next to hers this is only the begiining of who i am i enjoy multiple sexual times with my women and not just once a day but sometimes 3 to 4 times a day0 email me at (p-o-r-1-1-0-1 at s-t-c-l-o-u-d-s-t-a-t-e-.-e-d-u) if you want to talk


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