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Where to start, i guess my name is as good a start as any, it's Luis. Well i'm a fun loving, open minded, laid back, guy. Over the years I've dealt with many types of people seeing as i used to live on an island in the Caribbean (Dominican Republic) and i got to meet so many people from around the world, mostly tourists of course, i am originally from New York City though. These experiences in life have taught me to be open to anything, non-judgmental, a pacifist, blunt, honest, witty, fun and most important of all respectful. I know people of all ages and have friends that range from 18 year olds all the way up to 50. I've met gentle souls, wise and humble, impulsive and reckless, smart, slutty, prudes,i've met hippies, liberals, eccentrics, psycho's, quiet, etc, etc, etc. People from countries all around the world, all kinds of religious backgrounds, all kinds of cultural backgrounds. People from France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia, Korea, Jordan, Dubai, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, etc, etc, etc. I even met the princess of Morocco once and smoked hash with her hahaha. I've traveled to many places and my life has now brought me to the beautiful state of Utah. I don't know many people here and would love to meet someone who can show me around. I am self employed, looking to save the world one step at a time. I'm helping my best friend develop these free energy generators that would basically eliminate the need for fossil fuels. Imagine a world with free energy, hopefully one day i will achieve this goal. I love the outdoors, camping, hiking, etc. Love the beach, not surprising considering i lived on an island for 10 years. I love to read and write. I enjoy all kinds of music and love to go out dancing even though i'm not very good at it. I can go out and party all night just as easily as i can sit home and cuddle up to a nice movie. All i want right now is to meet a sweet, happy, fun loving, open, honest, blunt and to the point girl that i can have a good time with, and if that were to blossom into something more serious then i am all for it. I smoke on occasion, i hope that won't be a problem. I will drink socially, but i don't really enjoy alcohol that much. Movies, well i'm a movie buff, love them. Have over 400 movies in my collection and i love everything from romance to horror (horror being my absolute favorite) I am kind of stuck in the past when it comes to movies, just for the fact that i think older movies are just better in every way. Music, i listen to anything and everything except country. I love to go dancing even though i'm not very good at it Anything else, just ask, i'm very open and will answer any questions you might have

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